There are many considerations to think about when booking that plane seat. Since everything is based on preference, one choice might be great for one but ludicrous for another. Whatever your preference is, you might want to look into the following:

Window seat or aisle seat

Many people prefer the window seat while others go for the aisle seat. The window seat is great if you plan to sleep during the flight or if you want to enjoy the view (just avoid the seats over the wing). And if you intend to sleep or nap, try to grab a seat away from the sunrise side of the plane.


But if you are the type who has to go to the lavatory often or stand up to stretch your legs, an aisle seat is your best bet. Just keep in mind that you might need to stand up to allow your seatmate to get out. The aisle seat may not be the most comfortable since people or the service cart can bump you or knock you on the elbow, especially if you get a seat near lavatories.


Front, Middle, or Rear

Most people want to be seated in the front of the cabin because it is usually the nearest one to the exit so they can disembark quickly. The seats in the front are usually roomier. The front is normally the quietest part of the cabin so it is conducive to sleeping, reading, or catching up on work.


The rear is usually avoided because it is the noisiest, it can get bumpy when you encounter turbulence, and you are usually the last to disembark. But it is the safest part of the plane. Another benefit of grabbing a seat in the rear is that it is usually unoccupied so there may be a lot of empty seats. What most people forget is that passengers in the rear get to embark first which means they get dibs on the overhead storage bin.


The middle is literally the middle ground. Not many people realize that if you want a smooth ride, go for the middle, especially the area near the wings. The window seats in the middle are good for sleeping too.