Thanks to development in infrastructure and the growing tourism industry, every person can be a traveler and every place a destination. However, there are still a few places on the planet that are hard to reach. Consider these 2 places:

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha, a British Overseas Territory, is known as the most remote inhabited island on the planet. There are less than 400 people on the island. Its nearest neighbors are Saint Helena and South Africa, which are 2,400 kilometers away. This picturesque volcanic archipelago has no airport nor airstrip. The only way to reach Tristan is by ship. To get there, you have to find your way to Cape Town, South Africa. From Cape Town, there are fishing vessels that go to Tristan but they only have 10 trip schedules for the whole year. If that is not challenging enough, the vessels can only carry 12 passengers at a time. If you do secure a slot, a roundtrip ticket costs USD 65 dollars for tourists. Expect the travel time to be 6 days one way. There are also cruise ships that travel from Ushuaia, Argentina to Tristan to Cape Town, South Africa 7x a year.


Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Island

Simply known as Pitcairn, this remote volcanic island is another British Overseas Territory (BOT). The only BOT in the South Pacific, it is inhabited by around 50 people. Like Tristan, Pitcairn has no airport nor airstrip so flying is not an option. It does not even have a proper dock or seaport. There is one harbor that is accessible by longboats. The nearest airport is 330 miles away, on Mangareva, Gambier Islands. Getting there can also be challenging. The best option to reach Pitcairn is to catch a flight to Tahiti, and from there, ride a plane going to Mangareva (about 5 ½ hours long), then take a 32-hour boat ride to Pitcairn. The challenge would be the timing as there are only once-a-week flights to Mangareva and boats going to Pitcairn only go there once every 3 months. Some cruise ships may visit Pitcairn (depending on weather conditions) but they only just stop over for a few hours, if they are lucky.