In-Flight Wi-Fi

When it comes to in-flight Wi-Fi, availability, cost, and quality can vary significantly from airline-to-airline and flight-to-flight. Especially among business travelers, the cost of in-flight Wi-Fi is relatively nominal in order to be able to use air travel time productively.

For airlines, the quality of in-flight availability has the potential to provide not only an additional source of ancillary revenues, but also a differentiating factor. Fortunately, airlines have the ability to leverage contract terms to push in-flight Wi-Fi providers to enhance the quality of service, including Wi-Fi speeds.

One crowdsourced data service, the Wi-Fly app, has emerged that will actually enable passengers to compare the speed of Wi-Fi by flight. Users simply open the app during air travel, enter the flight information, and the app will measure the Wi-Fi speed. Given that not all in-flight Wi-Fi services are the same, this crowdsourcing data can provide a valuable source of data for both airlines as well as air travelers.