Are you looking for ways to convert certain audio- and video fragments into written text? But do you not exactly know how this can be done? Then we are here to help you! We have listed all the ways you can convert your audio or video. So if this interests you, keep on reading!


There’s various phone apps available that you can use to convert audio and video into text. The Amberscript transcription app for example, makes it especially easy to do. You can speak directly into the app or upload pre-recorder audio and video files. When you don’t have a laptop at hand, this can be a good option. You can also use the final text into your everyday life right away after you’re done.


Microsoft Word has some handy built-in functions for transcribing audio files. Instead of holding a speaker up to your PC microphone and playing it that way, Word can directly transcribe straight from your audio files. The final text is ready to use right away, so you won’t need to email it to yourself or anything like that.

Google Docs

Similar to Word, Google docs can also be used in the same way. The advantage here is that Google Docs is free to use for everyone, so you won’t need a subscription like you would when using Word. Once you’ve set up dictation or voice typing in Google Docs, turn it on, open your word-processing software, then play the audio file into your PC microphone (or just play it on your PC so your mic picks it up). When the text is transcribed you can use it in your Google Docs files right away.

Online converter

One of the most common ways to convert audio or video, is to use an online converter. There are many different ones to be found online, some are free and some require a small fee per minute. The more expensive ones are usually more accurate, but the cheaper ones will do just fine too. You’ll need to check for spelling and grammar errors afterwards, anyway. This will therefore be a good option, no matter your budget.