save on flights

It is very easy to travel nowadays especially with travel packages and travel price drops left and right. Here are some tips, not tricks, to help you save more money when booking your flight.

Travel date and time

Everyone has something to say about the cheapest days to book a flight but everything is arbitrary. If your travel schedule is flexible, the best way to find out the cheapest flight is to check the ticket prices for the whole month. Some travel websites allow you to filter the prices of tickets from the cheapest to the priciest. So use this to your advantage and grab that flight schedule that will save you some moolah.


Searching online

Do you know that when you search flight schedules and ticket prices, tracking cookies remember your choices? So when you check the site a few times, you discover that the prices hike up a bit. To counter this, always use private browsing or go incognito to get rid of those cookies. Without the cookies, you will be able to see the lowest prices


Price match

Some airline companies boast that they have a price matching policy. This will work to your advantage if you keep tabs on plane ticket prices. Let’s say you bought tickets for your flight and, after some days (or weeks or months), you discover that the airline offered a lower rate for the same flight. With the price matching policy, you can get the difference back and save yourself some cash.


Fly to “Everywhere”

If you have not decided on your destination, play around with the airline’s site by choosing “Everywhere” as your destination. This will filter the destinations and the ticket cost, and give you several choices of destinations with the cheapest ticket prices. Who knows, it might lead you to a destination you never considered that is worth trying.


Book that flight

If your travel dates are fixed, book your flight as soon as possible. It is common knowledge that the earlier you book, the cheaper the rates are. Thing is, if you procrastinate, chances are, the prices will increase as days go by. Make sure you acquaint yourself with the airline’s cancellation policy, just in case you need it.