In-Flight Wi-Fi Speeds

In-Flight Wi-Fi

In-Flight Wi-Fi

When it comes to in-flight Wi-Fi, availability, cost, and quality can vary significantly from airline-to-airline and flight-to-flight. Especially among business travelers, the cost of in-flight Wi-Fi is relatively nominal in order to be able to use air travel time productively.

For airlines, the quality of in-flight availability has the potential to provide not only an additional source of ancillary revenues, but also a differentiating factor. Fortunately, airlines have the ability to leverage contract terms to push in-flight Wi-Fi providers to enhance the quality of service, including Wi-Fi speeds.

One crowdsourced data service, the Wi-Fly app, has emerged that will actually enable passengers to compare the speed of Wi-Fi by flight. Users simply open the app during air travel, enter the flight information, and the app will measure the Wi-Fi speed. Given that not all in-flight Wi-Fi services are the same, this crowdsourcing data can provide a valuable source of data for both airlines as well as air travelers.


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In-Flight Wi-Fi Update: October 2015

in-flight wi-fi

In-Flight Wi-Fi Increases

JetBlue Hits In-Flight Wi-Fi Milestone

JetBlue announced that it has completed installing Wi-Fi (or as JetBlue calls it, “Fly-Fi”)on its fleet of A320 and A321 aircraft. JetBlue’s current estimated fleet count of A320 and A321 aircraft totaled 130 and 22, respectively. JetBlue is now turning its attention to completing the Wi-Fi installation on its fleet of E190 aircraft. Totaling an estimated 60 aircraft, JetBlue has only installed Wi-Fi on 2% of its E190 aircraft. JetBlue plans to complete installation of Wi-Fi in its E190 aircraft by the fall of 2016.  JetBlue relies upon Ka-band satellite technology and hopes that speeds will reach 20 Mbps per device.

Jamie Perry, Vice President of Brand and Product Development, JetBlue, said: “Soon every JetBlue customer will step onboard knowing their aircraft is equipped with free, fast Internet and entertainment…our Fly-Fi model has proven that there is a way to offer customers more without adding extra costs to their travel.” Earlier this year, even prior to completing installation of its Wi-Fi service in its A320 aircraft, JetBlue’s Wi-Fi service was ranked the best of any U.S. or Canadian airline.



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Mobile Device Use and Air Travel

Smartphone, Mobile Device

Smartphone for travel

Mobile devices, which include smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, have become a must have accessory during the 21st century. As mobile device ownership has expanded, so has the perceived importance of mobile devices to air passengers before and during travel. Studies related to mobile device usage demonstrate the frequency of mobile device usage related to air travel.

Mobile Device Usage Surveys

Mobile device usage habits have been the subject of multiple surveys. Below is a summary of key statistics on air travelers’ behavior and opinions from studies published by Google[1], Amadeus[2], and TripAdvisor[3], respectively. [···]

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Wi-Fi Connectivity for Air Travel

In-Flight Wi-Fi

In-Flight Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity to the internet is key to the ability of consumers to leverage the full power of mobile devices. To satisfy consumers, connectivity is demanded away from the home and office. Connectivity during air travel, whether at the airport or on-board the airplane, is no exception. Airlines have significantly increased the availability of and speeds of Wi-Fi that is available to passengers in-flight. However, not all airlines are equal in their offerings of in-flight connectivity.

Airport Connectivity Options

Major airports offer connectivity through a combination of Wi-Fi and Distributed Antenna Systems (“DAS”). DAS boosts reception for cellular networks for voice and data. Some airports offer free Wi-Fi service while others offer Wi-Fi based upon various subscription models. Sprint recently reached an agreement to offer free, automatic Wi-Fi coverage for Sprint subscribers at 35 of the largest airports in the U.S.[1] [···]

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