Passengers Prefer Self-Service to People

Passengers Want Self-Service

Air Passengers Want Self-Service

A new survey indicates that air passengers prefer the self-service options offered through technology over completing the same tasks via airline employees. In fact, 55% of passengers reported using some self-service tech for air travel. According to the “2016 SITA Passenger IT Trends Survey” published on May 28, 2016, airline passengers are now so comfortable with technology – especially their own mobile devices – that airlines and airports must offer passengers both choice as well as control.

Tech + Self-Service = Satisfaction

The survey found that passengers are happiest during the steps in the air travel process which permit the most choice and self-control. For example, at booking, which can be done via PC, mobile, or an agent, 93% of passengers report a positive experience. At the opposite end of the spectrum, passengers reported the most negative emotions are experienced during security screening, which permit the least amount of choice and self-control. [···]

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In-Flight Wi-Fi Update: October 2015

in-flight wi-fi

In-Flight Wi-Fi Increases

JetBlue Hits In-Flight Wi-Fi Milestone

JetBlue announced that it has completed installing Wi-Fi (or as JetBlue calls it, “Fly-Fi”)on its fleet of A320 and A321 aircraft. JetBlue’s current estimated fleet count of A320 and A321 aircraft totaled 130 and 22, respectively. JetBlue is now turning its attention to completing the Wi-Fi installation on its fleet of E190 aircraft. Totaling an estimated 60 aircraft, JetBlue has only installed Wi-Fi on 2% of its E190 aircraft. JetBlue plans to complete installation of Wi-Fi in its E190 aircraft by the fall of 2016.  JetBlue relies upon Ka-band satellite technology and hopes that speeds will reach 20 Mbps per device.

Jamie Perry, Vice President of Brand and Product Development, JetBlue, said: “Soon every JetBlue customer will step onboard knowing their aircraft is equipped with free, fast Internet and entertainment…our Fly-Fi model has proven that there is a way to offer customers more without adding extra costs to their travel.” Earlier this year, even prior to completing installation of its Wi-Fi service in its A320 aircraft, JetBlue’s Wi-Fi service was ranked the best of any U.S. or Canadian airline.



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