Passenger Safety

Safest Airplane Seats During Air Travel

safest airplane seats

safest airplane seats

Did you know that you can improve your odds of surviving a flight emergency when flying on commercial airlines? Airline safety experts reveal that not all seat locations on commercial airlines are equally safe. Understanding the safest airplane seat locations can save your life.

Safest Airplane Seats Per Experts

Airplane crash research indicates that some seat locations are safer than others.[1] According to research, many people survive the initial impact, but fail to exit the airplane during the first 90 seconds after a crash, which safety experts consider to be critical. After 90 seconds, the aluminum hull of an aircraft is no longer protective and the greater the likelihood of passenger death from fire, smoke, or the plane taking on water.

Based upon an analysis of more than 100 seating charts from airplane crashes, the below are the three key findings related to the safety of certain seat locations. [···]

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