Seat Upgrades from Economy Seating

seat upgrades

upgraded seat

Seat upgrades? But I cannot afford first class seating! Yes, there once was a time when air passengers had two options for seating: first class and coach. Coach, which has since been abandoned by the term “economy”, has been expanded by many airlines into two different seating types in order to offer air passengers additional seating options. Let’s review current options for seat upgrades.

Seat Upgrades by Airline

The seat upgrades available within economy seating goes by various names depending upon the airline, such as the following: economy plus (United), main cabin extra (American), Delta Comfort (Delta), even more space (JetBlue), among others. As most air travelers know, Southwest, one of the largest airlines in the U.S., does not offer any seat upgrades on its flights above economy seating. Opinions on some of the best seat upgrades offered by U.S. domestic airlines are presented here. [···]

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Open Middle Seat: Funny Video

Picture this: you board Southwest Airlines and take a desirable aisle seat. You wait and hope that the middle seat next to you remains empty. Better yet, you hope that a person you are attracted to decides to take the middle seat next to you. This Doritos ad from the 2015 Super Bowl provides humorous tips on keeping the middle seat empty until you see the person you desire to sit next to you in the middle seat.


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