Air Travel Complaints: The Top 5

air travel complaints

Crying child on airplane

Air travel can be stressful! Given the cost of airline tickets and the time spent in airports and airplanes,  consumers can be quite frustrated by factors that negatively impact the air travel experience. Unfortunately, air travel complaints are a common. Below is a summary of the results from a survey related to air travel complaints, including the top five air travel complaints.

Survey on Air Travel Complaints

Based upon a 2014 TripAdvisor survey of air passengers, the top five air travel complaints were revealed. In addition, the survey indicated the percentage of air passengers who selected the complaint during the survey.[1]

  1. Uncomfortable seats/limited legroom (73%);
  2. Costly airline fees and ticket prices (66%);
  3. Unpredictable flight delays (45%);
  4. Long security lines (35%); and
  5. Loud/crying children (32%).

For those passengers who cited travel complaints about loud and/or crying children, 42% indicated that they would be willing to pay to sit in a child-free area. Airlines already offer premium products that include expanded legroom and expedited security line access. Perhaps a child-free area on airplanes will be available in the future.


Air travel complaints are a common occurrence. Some complaints may be solved by passengers paying a premium, such as buying a seat with expanded legroom. However, premium product offerings by airlines does not solve complaints over costly airline fees and ticket prices, unpredictable flight delays, or loud and/or crying children.

The presence of loud and/or crying children may motivate a passenger to use Seateroo to swap for a seat in a different location. In addition, frustration over high airline fees and ticket prices may motivate a passenger to use Seateroo to swap seats with another passenger in exchange for money. As a result, Seateroo may be able to address two of the top five air travel complaints.

[1] “2014 TripAdvisor Air Travel Survey”,

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