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Air Travel Complaints: The Top 5

air travel complaints

Crying child on airplane

Air travel can be stressful! Given the cost of airline tickets and the time spent in airports and airplanes,  consumers can be quite frustrated by factors that negatively impact the air travel experience. Unfortunately, air travel complaints are a common. Below is a summary of the results from a survey related to air travel complaints, including the top five air travel complaints.

Survey on Air Travel Complaints

Based upon a 2014 TripAdvisor survey of air passengers, the top five air travel complaints were revealed. In addition, the survey indicated the percentage of air passengers who selected the complaint during the survey.[1] [···]

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Passenger Behavior: Top 10 Complaints

Crying children. Smelly adults. Loud passengers. Have you flown recently via commercial air travel? If so, then perhaps you understand the frustration of dealing with unpleasant airline passenger behavior. Spending several hundred dollars for the right to spend several hours in a cramped airplane cabin can make aggravating airline passenger behavior even more irritating.

What was your worst experience with poor airline passenger behavior? Review the study below to see if your experience hit the top 10 list of aggravating airline passenger behavior.

Passenger Behavior Study

In 2014, Expedia published an “Airplane Etiquette Study” that revealed the top 10 list of aggravating airline passenger behavior. In addition, the study indicated the frequency in which each behavior was cited by study respondents. Below is a summary listing of the most aggravating airline passenger behavior and the corresponding frequency each was cited by study respondents.[1] [···]

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Mobile Device Use and Air Travel

Smartphone, Mobile Device

Smartphone for travel

Mobile devices, which include smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, have become a must have accessory during the 21st century. As mobile device ownership has expanded, so has the perceived importance of mobile devices to air passengers before and during travel. Studies related to mobile device usage demonstrate the frequency of mobile device usage related to air travel.

Mobile Device Usage Surveys

Mobile device usage habits have been the subject of multiple surveys. Below is a summary of key statistics on air travelers’ behavior and opinions from studies published by Google[1], Amadeus[2], and TripAdvisor[3], respectively. [···]

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